Expat accommodation in Iraq is typically in the form of secure compounds. This aspect of relocation is usually arranged by an expat's employer.

Types of accommodation in Iraq

Due to the short stay of most expats as well as safety concerns in all major cities, it is highly recommended that expats stay in a secure compound rather than an apartment or house. Expats moving to Iraq may therefore have limited choice in terms of the type of accommodation available to them, but most find their housing to be safe, comfortable and fully furnished.

The expat community in Iraq is small, and those moving to the country are advised not to bring spouses and children with them, which can make expat life in Iraq challenging. A major benefit of living in an expat compound is the proximity to other expats, which eases social interactions. There are also plenty of facilities available to keep residents entertained such as swimming pools, gyms and cafés.

Finding and renting accommodation in Iraq

The majority of expats relocating to Iraq will have their employer provide housing in a compound near their place of work. The advantage of this arrangement is that the employer also pays for the housing. This takes the burden of finding a home away from the expat, as well as that of paying for it. It also means expats won't have to overcome the language barriers they'd otherwise encounter in searching for and securing accommodation.