Healthcare in Bucharest is generally affordable by Western standards, but expats should ensure they have comprehensive health insurance.

While healthcare in public facilities is free for residents, patients using private medical facilities will need to pay cash upfront before claiming back from their insurance provider.

Corruption is an unfortunate reality in Romania’s healthcare system. The prevalence of bribery, accompanied by poor salaries and unacceptable working conditions, has pushed many Romanian doctors to seek work outside the country, leaving the Romanian public healthcare system in a precarious state. Although expats will likely find adequate care at private hospitals, many expats find the facilities at public institutions to be substandard.

Pharmacies are available throughout Bucharest, and some are open 24 hours a day. Expats may find that some medicines which are readily available over the counter in their home country may require a prescription in Romania.

Below are some of the most prominent hospitals in Bucharest.

Hospitals in Bucharest

Royal Hospital Bucharest

Address: Splaiul Unirii 313A, București 030138

Medicover Hospital

Address: Strada Pechea, Nr.8 , Sector 1 București 013982

Floreasca Emergency Hospital

Address: Calea Floreasca, Nr. 8, Sector 1 București 013982

Ponderas Academic Hospital

Address: Str. Nicolae Caramfil 85A, Sector 1 București 013982

Life Memorial Hospital

Address: Calea Griviței 365, București 010719

Hospital Constantin Angelescu

Address: Aleea Căuzași 49–51, București 030167