Although Perth was once the driver behind much of Australia's wealth, economic expansion in the city has slowed down a great deal in the last few years. Since the mining boom's collapse, unemployment rates in Perth have risen higher than in many other Australian urban centres. That said, for expats with the right skillsets, there are plenty of opportunities to be had in Perth.

Job market in Perth

In response to its economic downturn, Perth expanded other sectors, such as the healthcare, tourism and construction industries. Those with expertise in administration, safety, and mining are also likely to secure employment.

Positions in areas such as finance, media, marketing and IT are somewhat scarce in Perth, and more easily found in Sydney.

Finding a job in Perth

There are a number of resources that expats can utilise in order to find a job in Perth. These include the local classifieds, online searches, social networks or contacting a recruitment agency.

It can also be helpful to contact companies in the area directly. Making a personal connection can go a long way, should a position open up later.

Work culture in Perth

The workplace in Perth is similar to that of the Australian culture in general: relaxed and egalitarian. Staff relations are generally informal and direct. Office drinks after work are common and are a good way to get to know colleagues.

Generally, Australian companies have relatively non-hierarchical structures and expats may notice bosses happily joining the rest of the office on celebratory occasions. Expats should make an effort to join in, too.