Although not its capital, Portland is Oregon’s biggest and most populated city. Situated in the shadow of snow-capped Mount Hood, Portland is historically a port city, straddling both the Columbia and Willamette rivers. Nicknamed the 'City of Roses', Portland is known for its picture-perfect scenery, beautiful greenery, and hipster microbreweries and coffeehouses.

Living in Portland as an Expat

With thriving shipping and technology industries, newcomers with the appropriate skills should not struggle to find a job in Portland. They may also be able to find work in tourism, at one of the two Fortune 500 companies that call this city home, or in Portland’s successful creative and manufacturing industries.

Although costs can be high, newcomers to Portland will have plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation. The city is populated by small and simple apartments, as well as grand luxury high-rises, and large houses with big gardens, both in and outside of the centre.

Aside from being one of the top biking cities in the country, Portland is also known for its stellar public transport system. Newcomers will be able to get everywhere in the city on the TriMet buses and trains. In fact, owning a car is wholly unnecessary in the city, but those adventurers who want to explore further afield will be able take advantage of several car-rental companies in Portland.

Cost of living in Portland

While the cost of living in Portland is higher than the national average, it is still cheaper than in cities such as New York and the major European capitals. Rent and utilities are expensive, and food prices are not cheap either. In order to afford the high quality of life that Portland offers, newcomers should negotiate the appropriate level of salary before relocating.

Expat families and children

Portland is home to some top-rated public schools, all of which are state funded. As schools are allocated depending on which district one resides in, however, newcomers should consider this when choosing a neighbourhood. There are also a number of high-quality private and international schools in Portland. Parents wanting to send their children to these schools should be prepared for the exorbitant costs involved.

Climate in Portland

Although much of the year in Portland is cloudy, with above average rainfall compared to the rest of the US, this gives way to a beautifully green spring each year. These months stretch into a warm and dry summer with clear skies, while winter, on the other hand, brings wet and cold weather, with occasional snow falls.

Boasting a high quality of life, friendly locals, good public transport and oh so many food trucks, it’s no wonder newcomers to Portland never take long to fall in love with their new home.