People relocating to the ‘Mile High’ city will find that Denver has a diverse economy, and there are plenty of job opportunities for people from different backgrounds and with varied skill sets. That said, those looking to land themselves a job in Denver will need to have skills and attributes that set them apart from the competition.

Denver is well-known for its highly educated workforce, with a large segment of the city’s adult population having a tertiary education. Furthermore, with all its amenities and great quality of life, Denver continues to attract and retain a smart, talented and experienced workforce.

Job market in Denver

The United States Government is the largest employer in Metro Denver. Thanks to the city’s central location, one will find a large number of federal agencies based here. The US defence industry also has a prominent presence in Denver and there are some military bases located close to the city.

Historically, mining and energy have played a prominent role in Denver’s economy. Located near the mineral-rich Rocky Mountains, a large number of major mining and energy companies have chosen to base themselves in Denver to allow for easy access to the abundance of coal, oil and natural gas in the region.

Other major industries in Denver include aerospace, IT, finance, manufacturing, telecommunications and healthcare. Other than in these industries, many new arrivals are also employed in the education sector in Denver. 

Finding a job in Denver

People who move to Denver generally do so with a job already in hand. For those who still need to secure work in the city, online job portals are a good place to start. It could also be beneficial to research local companies and enquire about any openings. Those already in the city will discover that making connections and networking is paramount to securing employment, especially in the tech and startup industries.

Work culture in Denver

Unlike many other large cities in the USA, Denver has a great work-life balance. Many people move to Denver for the lifestyle and employers therefore encourage their workers to enjoy it. Businesses in Denver often have unique benefits such as unlimited vacation, flexible schedules and the ability to work from home. While work hours are generally from 8am to 5pm, many companies close at 3pm on Fridays. They provide these benefits to attract employees and encourage them to stay. They tend to lead to a happier work force and a stronger company in the long run. 

The work culture also reflects the laid back attitude of the locals in Denver. For example, work dress tends to be much more casual in Denver than in some of the eastern states. It's not uncommon to see people arrive to work in jeans and a t-shirt. That said, some offices do expect business suits to be worn, and it's therefore best to enquire about about this.