Columbus has a fast-growing and diversified economy. An excellent destination for graduates and young families in particular, Columbus offers plenty of exciting work opportunities.

Four Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Columbus, including Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, American Electric Power and retail giants L Brands and Big Lots.

Job market in Columbus

Columbus is home to a booming tech industry with a widespread start-up culture that brings exciting new ventures to the city. Those with skills specific to the tech industry should have little trouble securing employment.

Other industries employing large numbers in the city include education, healthcare, government, insurance, construction and retail.

Finding a job in Columbus

Though unemployment took a slight dive at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Columbus has a resilient economy and unemployment rates have already improved. 

To work in the US, expats will need a work permit, which can only be secured once they have a firm job offer in hand. Useful resources for making connections and finding possible openings include recruitment agencies, online job portals and networking tools such as LinkedIn.

Work culture in Columbus

Columbus has a relaxed and flexible work culture, with the wellbeing of employees treated as a priority. Locals adopt a more laid-back approach to business than one might find on the high-energy American coastal cities, for example, but Columbians are still driven and ambitious workers.

Relationships are valued, and collaboration is seen as an important tool. As in the rest of the US, it’s best not to bring up sensitive topics such as politics or religion at meetings or work gatherings.