The capital of Ontario, Toronto nestles between the two Great Lakes of Huron and Ontario, after which the region is named. The area's lakes are one of North America's most distinctive features, and many tourists come to hike, swim and boat along their shores.

Toronto is the heart of Canada's working world and home to a number of large banking institutions. Expats looking for job opportunities in business, finance, biotechnology, aerospace, media, communications and IT will find this is a great place to build their career and gain experience.

Downtown Toronto is constantly expanding and boasts a variety of luxurious accommodation options for expats. Glass, metal and red face brick compete to be the face of the city.

The CN Tower, which was for 30 years the tallest freestanding structure in the world, can be seen from all over the city. Torontonians claim that navigating by the tower will ensure that getting lost is next to impossible, and this can be helpful for expats recently arrived in the city.

Toronto has also earned renown as a world shopping destination. Those taking the time to wander down and into Yonge Street, the bustling Thomas Eaton Centre, Queen Street West and Bloor-Yorkville will find a host of the world’s top brands. Many local stores and speciality boutiques find themselves wedged between exclusive European and American outlets.

Those who hold resident permits will be able to take advantage of Canada's widely praised tax-funded health insurance. Expats in Canada on a more short-term basis will need to invest in a private health insurance policy to cover any medical needs during their stay in Toronto. Regardless of one's position, though, expats can rest assured the doctors in Toronto are highly qualified and healthcare facilities are advanced.

Toronto has a highly efficient public transport system. Almost every area and suburb of Toronto has access to buses, trains and a rather unique system of streetcars. The backbone of the city’s transport is its extensive subway system, which links most of the outlying suburbs to the city centre.

With so much at their fingertips in this vibrant city, expats should find it easy to slip into life in Toronto.