Eindhoven is a centre of learning and innovation within the Netherlands and is home to several prestigious schools and universities. Expats can rest assured that their children will receive an excellent education in this city.

While there are many good quality public schools in Eindhoven, expats should note that options are limited when it comes to international schools.

Public schools in Eindhoven

All children living in the Netherlands, including expats, are entitled to attend public school at no cost up to 16, after which subsidised fees apply.

Catchment areas determine placements in public schools, so expats wanting to send their child to a public school in Eindhoven should choose their neighbourhood carefully.

Public schools follow the Dutch national curriculum, with Dutch as the main language of instruction. These are a good option for those intending to stay in Eindhoven long term, as young children will learn Dutch quickly and adapt to their new surroundings.

Private and international schools in Eindhoven

Private and international schools are far more limited in Eindhoven compared to cities such as Amsterdam. While there are several private schools, there is only one main English-language international school within Eindhoven: the International School Eindhoven. The school has both primary and secondary school campuses and offers the Dutch and International Baccalaureate curricula. The other international school in Eindhoven, Salto International School, offers bilingual instruction and support for children who are not fluent in Dutch or English. Competition for places can be fierce, so we advise expats moving to Eindhoven to plan accordingly.

Nurseries in Eindhoven

Expat parents with young children will find numerous childcare options in Eindhoven. There are many nurseries and preschools to choose from. But, proximity to accommodation may play a critical role in selecting the right one.

Many companies offer daycare services in Eindhoven, including Partou, the Netherlands' biggest childcare organisation.

Special-needs education in Eindhoven

As with elsewhere in the country, special-education needs are catered for in Eindhoven. Expats will find several speciaal basisonderwijs (SBO) and speciaal onderwijs schools in Eindhoven. While SBO schools share parallels with the mainstream Dutch curricula, the latter is divided into clusters depending on the impairment the student has, be it visual, speech or hearing, physical or cognitive, or social and behavioural.

In most cases, children with special needs are integrated into mainstream classrooms. Both public and private schools offer specialised support services that facilitate inclusive education. We recommend that expats contact the local municipality and the schools directly for assistance with selecting the best fit for their children's needs.

Homeschooling in Eindhoven

Homeschooling is not an accepted practice in the Netherlands. The majority of expat parents are happy with the public education system, despite the initial language barriers. International schools are the solution to the question of language, albeit an expensive one.

Tutors in Eindhoven

Finding a tutor in Eindhoven shouldn't prove much of a challenge. Numerous private tutoring companies operate across the city, while online portals are also a great way to hire a tutor. Some tutoring companies cater specifically to expats, and many offer Dutch language lessons. Specialist tutors who are experts in specific subject areas are also available in Eindhoven, which may help expat children who want to integrate into the public school system. Tuition outside of school can also benefit students who require extra support in general and close to exam time.